Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service

At Action Wrecker Services our boss armada of intense tow trucks can deal with even the biggest, heavy-duty towing and recovery occupations. With our heavy duty wreckers, we are able to handle many breakdowns simultaneously, which means getting your truck, bus, or rig to a mechanic quicker. Our heavy duty towing can take care of the heaviest 18 wheeler’s, construction equipment and oil field trucks on the road today and are equipped with under-reach and wheel lift capabilities, allowing for damage-free towing. Action Wreckers service since 1988, making us the leader in the towing industry.  

We specialize in Heavy Duty Recoveries:

  • Roll-Overs
  • High Centers (Bottoming Out)
  • Accident Recovery
  • Winch Outs

Our Heavy Duty tow truck is designed to tow:

  • Buses: Tour, Charter, City
  • Semi -Tractor Trailers, Tankers
  • Bobtails, Straight Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Cement Trucks
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Cranes
  • Motor Homes
  • 5th-wheel Trailers
  • Pindle-Hook Trailers
  • Heavy Equipment Transport


We maintain a fleet with a variety of tow trucks for different situations and our fleet includes a state-of-the-art rotator, built tough to handle the most extreme recoveries.  Whatever your heavy-duty towing needs, our superior fleet of tow trucks and our highly-experienced and skilled operators will get things cleared, fast.

Rotator Service

Our super intense, sturdy rotator has a huge reach and huge loads of recovery power permitting our professionals to recover and clear the most even the most limit recovery circumstances, as completely stacked turned over trucks and jack-cut work vehicles, in a climate.

This rotator goes about as a versatile crane that can turn an entire 360 degrees. The range and portability of our rotator permit us to recover even the biggest of vehicles even from trench and streams while limiting parkway terminations.

Accident and Recovery Service

At the point when a huge vehicle is engaged with a mishap the recovery interaction can appear to be incredibly overwhelming. Not for us, however. Our armada is prepared to recover and move all way of enormous vehicles including RVs, huge farm haulers, crane trucks, transports, and box trucks.

There is no work our profoundly experienced team can’t oversee, even in the most troublesome of spots and conditions and we will get your enormous vehicle where it needs to go for fix or destroying. At the point when heavy-duty towing and recovery is required, contact our team we’ll take care of business securely and effectively with negligible traffic disturbance.

Business Owners

In the event that you own a trucking or other vehicle business, time off the road implies lost cash for you. In the event that your truck or an enormous vehicle is engaged with an episode our heavy-duty towing service can recover it and move it to where it needs to go.

An enormous vehicle is a significant speculation and our operators will recover your heavy-duty vehicle with the most extreme consideration, forestalling any further harm. Just as emergency towing and recovery services, we likewise offer business site transport of work vehicles like wildcats. Our broad experience has seen us become the pioneers in heavy-duty tow truck services in Midland TX, and we are completely safeguarded, so you know your business speculation is in safe hands.

Our Operators

Heavy-duty towing is a genuine business frequently including possibly hazardous circumstances like spilled synthetics and moved gas tanks. Action Wrecker, the security of our staff, customers and the general population is our main need. Every one of our operators are capable, and we give progressing preparing taking all things together territories of towing and recovery the executives, incorporating working with perilous synthetic compounds and we have a superb on location security record.

With regards to significant heavy duty towing and recovery services we are the specialists in the field and our tremendous experience has driven us to build up a standing as the pioneers in heavy-duty tow truck services in Midland, TX.